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What is Beachbody On Demand?

Basically its like Netflix but for home workouts. For fitness junkies it is straight up crack. You have an insane amount of workouts to choose from without having to search through youtube or pinterest. They are fully planned programs to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. You get workouts, program guides, progress trackers, nutrition plans and if you get bored with sticking with just one program they have something called challenge du jour, the trainers create a different line-up of workouts using all different types of programs every week! YOU NEVER GET BORED!

There are a few options in getting Beachbody On Demand membership

Already a member of beachbody (you have a login), great just hit upgrade

You sign up for a monthly membership and it looks a little something like this:



HOWEVER from now till FEBRUARY 28th you can get an all access pass which means you have access to ALL Beachbody programs including premium content and anything Beachbody releases this year. If you are already a member you just can upgrade for $99, which includes an entire year of beachbody on demand (no monthly membership fees).all-access

If you are a NEW customer:

You can purchase a challenge pack which includes 30 days of shakeology, portion control containers and an ENTIRE years subscription for $199! Click on this to grab your challenge pack!  I am talking over 400 workouts and $7,000 worth of workouts (if purchased individually). 

This is something I have literally been dreaming about since I started Beachbody and it has made a huge difference in my results! I am so excited to try new workouts that I have been doubling up on workouts everyday! SO CRAZY!

If you are wanting a lifestyle that is sustainable and gives you the ability to be consistent try beachbody on demand! Check it out HERE!

2 thoughts on “What is Beachbody On Demand?

  1. I tried the free month trial and didn’t really enjoy it because I wanted to premium content. I did however get to try one of the Cize workout which encouraged me to purchase the whole program. Although I like beachbody products, especially Shakeology, budget is an issue for me. I take advantage of freebies and deals when I can.


    1. That’s great that you were able to try Cize and like it 🙂 I wanted premium content as well that’s why I jumped at the “all access pass” $100 for a year is cheaper than any gym membership. I had to go through my budget and cut out a few things (hair appt, nail appt, Starbucks) so that I could afford shakeology. I have major digestive issues so I really needed it in my diet. I am very grateful that I did and became a coach so now budget isn’t an issue because I make money through coaching.
      Thanks for following! I love feedback and comments!

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