What is a challenge group?



Check out my Youtube video breaking it down! Click here!

A challenge group is an accountability group created by Beachbody. As a coach I run a group every month for new members to help them reach their goals. Here is how it works.

I only select 5-10 people to join my group. I keep it small so that I can give one-on-one coaching and it’s also easier to connect when there are fewer people. I do have a screening process, these people need to be 100% committed to change.  When you have decided to commit you then choose a Challenge Pack which you can find HERE

There are themes for each month for example here is my May group. May-Ke a Change In addition to providing my members with access to  meal plans and program guidance, I am available 24/7 to answer questions about food, workouts, shakeology recipes, motivation ect. I use a Facebook group to keep everyone motivated and provide tips on workouts and recipes. Here is an example of a little motivation.

The best part about the group is the accountability! Not only will you have me making sure you are drinking your shake and working out but you will have the other members doing the same.  We all love posting pictures of drinking shakeology and getting super sweaty!

How long are these groups? Usually around 30 days…..I know what you are thinking.”BUT LAUREN WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT YOU AFTER THE 30 DAYS?!?!” Don’t worry! We have an ongoing accountability group on facebook for graduates of challenge groups OR if you LOVED it so much that you want to inspire others then you can sign up to become a coach with me and run a group of your own!


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